Townhouses , or townhomes are defined as a two or three-story house (or apartment) built to mimic detached or semi-detached homes, but are one of a group of similar dwellings in a multi-unit complex. Traditionally the meaning was somewhat different, as it was used to refer to a “city dwelling” of nobility or the rich, as opposed to their country dwelling. The main different between “apartments” and “townhouses” is that townhouses usually consist of multiple floors and have their own outside door. Townhouses can be side by side in a row of three or more, in which case they are sometimes referred to as “rowhouses”. Technically, a townhouse in a group of two could be referred to as a townhouse, but this type of dwelling is more commonly called a half-duplex.

Port Orange and the surrounding communities offer many different types of homes, including one, two or three-bedroom townhouses, as well as traditional apartments.


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