Low maintenance living is something that many people aspire for when looking for a new home, especially in a state like Florida where much of a person's time is generally spent outdoors. Many first-time home buyers expect things like large backyards that need mowing, gardens, siding that needs painted and more. However, others want to own a home that offers a low-maintenance lifestyle that allows them more free time to pursue leisure activities.

There are lots of options for home owners seeking low maintenance living. Most condominium complexes require no yard work to take care of, such as mowing and trimming and weed removal. In addition, the exterior of the building is also generally the responsibility of the community. This means the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the home’s siding, roof and other exterior items. In some situations, the heating and cooling may also be treated as part of the community; other times the air conditioner and furnace is the responsibility of the condo’s owner.

Indoors, low-maintenance features to keep in mind would include single-floor plans, open floor plans, less rooms, and other features, such as styles and durable materials for countertops, floors, cabinetry and using washable wall paint.

Keep in mind, homeowners association fees are often more expensive in a low-maintenance or maintenance-free community. Be sure to ask lots of questions when choosing a home or condo in a community with a homeowners association, and learn how much maintenance will be covered in the homeowners association fees.


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